Valentine’s Day & Rik Mayall

My darling, darling hub

It’s Valentines Day. But I don’t feel sadder today than any other day. We used to joke and say ‘it’s gullible consumers day’. I know this next bit is cheesy as hell but you were romantic every day. From the start. We met on 2nd August 2009 and you proposed on Christmas Day that same year. You hid my beautiful diamond engagement ring in a present. I had no idea. I just remember yelping ‘YES’ and running over to squeeze you and in the process tripping over my nephew Harry’s toy dinosaur which made it even more special.

We married just over a year later in Moffat on September 25th 2010. The sky was bright blue. It was magical. 💍

You used to write me little notes whenever we were going to be apart – sometimes you’d put ‘just popped out for petrol. Love you my curly chops’. If I was going anywhere for longer than a night I’d find secret little notes often with brilliantly drawn cartoons in my wallet or in my laptop case.

Valentines Day was just another day. With a huge box of chocolates.

When you know, you know. Hug that someone special very tight. As Rik Mayall said when he accepted his honorary doctorate from Exeter: ‘Love IS the answer’. *throws notes away*

Love, your devoted wife Abi