The whimpers of loss

5th December 2018 – Facebook post

I never thought grief would be so physically painful. It feels like a vice around my heart and tummy. Also food doesn’t taste of anything and believe it or not my appetite is zero. Also I am able to laugh but I don’t feel joy. It’s like I’m going through the motions but there’s no Abi there. Does this make sense to anyone in my wise Facebook family?

I ordered a Chinese takeaway from our usual and started to half-cry like a whimper. I wanted to tell him why but I swallowed the words instead.I have taken all of January off (everyone has been so bloody understanding about re-arranging gigs. God bless you for calling me Paddy Lennox).

I am going away to heal and let the sun dry my tears.

Love you all for taking care of this heartbroken pup. ??