Ken Dodd, June Whitfield and Terence Gibbons – In Memoriam

30th December 2018

My darling

Bruce Dessau, the Evening Standard comedy critic and all-round good egg, wrote an In memoriam on his Beyond The Joke website. It’s a roll call of all those in the comedy world who have gone. Of course you are amongst the greats baby: Ken Dodd, June Whitfield and…. Terence Gibbons. My God, what a tribute. I’m SHOUTING IT OUT LOUD SO YOU HEAR (you were a little bit deaf in both ears)
I am so proud of you my TG. You were not only one of the very funniest people I have ever met, but you KNEW the business of comedy. Without you I would not be where I am now in my career. Thanks to your guidance and wisdom baby we got here.

News: Those We Have Lost In 2018

It had already been a bad year for comedy industry deaths even before the late-breaking news that legend Dame June Whitfield had died. In her case one can at least say that she had a good innings. One could say the same for Ken Dodd who finally finished the ultimate gig this year, aged 90. But 2018….