Good Friday & the certainty of absolute love – 4 months and 21 days…

My Darling bo

I can scarcely believe it’s Easter. It’s been 4 months and 21 days since you left this life. ?

It’s a warm sunny day here and the sky is blue. I plucked up the courage to go into St Lukes Church and the Good Friday service had just started. I sat  on a creaky pew at the back with my shades on and sobbed silently. The little choir sang beautifully. It was so moving sitting alone with my thoughts about you and how grateful I am for every day you loved me.

I put this little message up on facebook (facebook is a warm blanket around me of messages and support):

‘Whatever you believe, could I ask you to say a little prayer for my husband Terence and if you’re in a place of worship perhaps light a candle for him today or on Easter Sunday.

I believe in the absolute certainty that I loved and was loved completely.

If that’s God… well.. great.

Have a lovely Easter everyone’.

Love always

Mrs G ????

PS Pauline Eyre messaged me to say she’d lit a candle for you on both Friday and Sunday. Such a comfort.