Emmanuel, Addison Lee & Jesus.

My love

I have to tell you about this Addison Lee driver.

I was on my way to meet Eileen our accountant and of course you never know who will be driving. That day it was a guy called Emmanuel. We got chatting about this and that: mostly traffic in London, brexit and the weather. So, standard taxi chat. Then for some reason I mentioned you and what had happened.

Over the next 15 minutes we talked and Emmanuel told me he was a pastor in West London. During a particularly bad tail-back on the Embankment, complete with tooting horns, revving motors and radios blaring, Emmanuel started to say a prayer for us. I instinctively bowed my head in the back of the little black Volkswagon and let the tears roll down my face. It was just me and Emmanuel there. And maybe Jesus. I’m not sure about that bit.

Thank you dear Emmanuel. From me and my husband. It was such a kind thing to do. You heard my pain. And you answered.

Love you and miss you every day my TG