Dr K’s father and the flying horse.

Darling TG

I just remembered something I wanted to share with you.

I thought about it trying to get to sleep last night and it made me cry but I was comforted by it.

When I visited our lovely GP, Dr K, he told me that when he was a young man and his father died he had a vivid dream: in the dream his father was riding a flying horse and Dr K said that in the dream he tried to climb on to the horse so that he could go with his father but the horse kept kicking him off.

He was never able to get onto the horse. The horse was taking his father to another world.

It’s very comforting to remember these things people have shared with me.

Love you so much my baby

Your adoring wife Xx

PS I can’t remember if I told you but Dr K came over the day you passed away and L his receptionist cried when I gave her a copy of your death certificate. They bloody adored you my love. You were absolutely their favourite patient.