Deborah Frances White comes to the rescue

6th Dec 2018 – Facebook post

In the immediate aftermath of losing my darling Terence I got a few messages from DEBORAH FRANCES WHITE asking if a) I was home and b) was I allergic to anything/vegan. Eventually I get home. Then after about 20 minutes the door bell rings. It’s a guy from Deliveroo with a Ben & Jerry’s selection, including my all-time favourite, Cookie Dough. It was the most wonderful thing. I felt like a child again being hugged and reassured ‘it’s going to be ok darling, look we’ve got you a little treat’.

Just one very special example of the supreme love and immeasurable kindness shown. I shall never forget it as long as I live. And I shall pay it forward.

Might tuck into my Cookie Dough in a minute for a late breakfast.