Dear Friends – my heart is broken

30th November 2018 – Facebook post 

Dear friends, I am completely heartbroken. My darling husband Terry passed away suddenly on Wednesday morning. They think it was cardio-respiratory failure. He was being treated for cancer at the wonderful Royal Marsden and the tragic irony is that his latest scan showed that he was in remission. The immunotherapy was actually working. I don’t need to tell anyone who knew us and saw us together that he was the love of my life. My saviour. My lamb. I told him I loved him every single day. I told him that love like this doesn’t happen to everyone and we had 8 years. 8 years of the kind of certainty that comes once in a lifetime. I was given the gift of 8 years with the kindest, cleverest, sweetest, funniest most loyal man I have ever known. I told him I was put on this earth to love him. I was lucky beyond words to be loved by him. My God I am like a hollow shell. I have wonderful friends around me. 

Also, what he didn’t know about standup comedy you could fit on the tip of a pin. He guided me to playing some of the biggest clubs in the land. He constantly encouraged me. He was jubilant when my last Edinburgh show got 5 star reviews. He said ‘hard work pays off’. We were a team. And by God I shall carry on making him proud of me, making people laugh. ‘My natural gift he said ‘that you are lucky to have and must use’. I am planning his funeral. I want the world to know how damn wonderful Terence Ronald Gibbons was. 

I love you so much my darling. I will never stop loving you. Ever. You are with me constantly my sweet TG. Thank you.