Abi roberts

Darling Terence: a comedian’s letters to the love of her life

On Wednesday 28th November my husband, who was also my manager passed away. He was being treated for cancer at The Royal Marsden. He was the true love of my life. I wanted to start a blog to put down my own raw feelings of grief and the experiences I have had that may help others going through their own personal journey.

I hope one day to publish them as a little book for people to read and to get some comfort from.

Valentine’s Day & Rik Mayall

My darling, darling hub It’s Valentines Day. But I don’t feel sadder today than any other day. We used to joke and say ‘it’s gullible consumers day’. I know this next bit is cheesy as hell but you were romantic every day. From the start. We met on 2nd August 2009 and...

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Terry on the Santa Monica sidewalk

Santa Monica – Jan 20th 2019 My darling I was walking in Santa Monica (I walked a lot which is odd in LA ) and I looked down – it was around 10th and Washington I think – and to my amazement I saw the name Terry written into the concrete. At first I thought maybe the...

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Visit to Providence St John’s Santa Monica – part 1

January 14th 2019 My darling TG Well that was an interesting 48 hours! I woke up with sudden shortness of breath and chest pains so a doctor recommended (insisted) I go to the nearest ER. The front desk at the hotel I’m at ordered a cab and as I’m leaving the...

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Can I get a witness ?

My sweet TG Once I’d settled in to my room at Shutters, I ordered room service. There was a knock at the door and there’s a sweet Mexican lady who delivers my tray. A few nights later I order again (there’s a butterscotch pudding like Angel Delight which is so...

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Santa Monica – Rosy Skies Ahead

January 9th 2019 – Santa Monica trip My Darling lamb I’ve decided to go away again to a place I know from the past. Far away from this excruciating hurt. I know people say ‘wherever you go, you’re still there’. But it can’t be much worse than staying here in the flat...

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Ken Dodd, June Whitfield and Terence Gibbons – In Memoriam

30th December 2018 My darling Bruce Dessau, the Evening Standard comedy critic and all-round good egg, wrote an In memoriam on his Beyond The Joke website. It’s a roll call of all those in the comedy world who have gone. Of course you are amongst the greats baby: Ken...

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Barbados part two

My Darling TG While I remember my darling I must tell you about a remarkable thing that happened yesterday (27thDecember).  I needed to get my iphone looked at because after working fine it suddenly needed verification. Something to do with a new software update....

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Barbados part one and Charlie Brooker

A little bird comes to visit me on the balcony which I'm sure is you! Barbados trip – Christmas 2018 My darling I wake up every morning – often during the night with nightmares about your passing. Even though people say it was good that I wasn’t there, for so many...

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Gatwick Drones

December 21st 2018 Darling TG I’m at Gatwick airport desperate to get away from this hellish time. Cold Christmas lonely empty. I’m stranded here because of some ‘drone’ sightings. You couldn’t make it up. Fuck this country. Out of the blue I suddenly hear this...

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Diana, Victoria and Pauline at Kensington Palace

My darling TG On December 14th I walked up to Nationwide on High St Kensington to change the name on my account to Gibbons. I know it sounds odd but I wanted to feel close to you in any way I can. I told the young guy changing the details about you. He didn’t really...

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And Death Shall Have No Dominion.

My sweet love, Wednesday December 12th 2018 was the darkest most unbelievable day of my life – I can’t even bear to say the F word. It’s a haze but I want to share it with you if I can. Brenda Gilhooly came to the flat very early to hold me up. By God, what a woman...

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